Emerging Issues Fund


For years the HBA of Michigan has had a special “Emerging Issues” fund to provide the extra resources needed to preserve the hard-won victories it has achieved for you.

But now, even as the challenges to our victories mount, the Emerging Issues Fund is depleted. Our goal is to raise $75,000 for the fund. Not one penny from the fund will go to political activities.

Think of what the successes your association has achieved for you mean to your bottom line.  For every $100,000 in taxable value you’re saving $1,800 on the property tax bill for your inventory home.  Instead of a new energy code increasing the cost of a home by $6,465, reinstating trade-offs to Michigan’s energy code will lower construction costs by $4,000 to $5,000 without lessening the energy efficiency of the home. And the value of being actually able to build the home and amenities. Think of what it means to your bottom line if victories are reversed.

Please help us replenish this dedicated fund by making a contribution of $100 for each house you anticipate building.

Contact Lee Schwartz at (517) 646-2565 or lee@hbaofmichigan.com for more information on contributing.